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Active and climate fit mobility gets a lot of space: Walkability includes not only plenty of space to walk, but also clear and fully accessible connections to everyday targets in vicinity to the square (public transport, shops, police office, court house and into the neighbourhood). Bikers find a quiet and short bycicle connection on the North side of Langauerplatz. Car traffic and sealed surface are minimized.

Due to the new voluminous greenery, mikro climate and water retention are improved. In order to reduce urban heat effects, 1.700m² of dark asphalt have been removed and replaced by light paved surfaces and a more than doubled green space. Six trees with light voluminous crowns and six big bushes replenish the existing greenery. Perennials and differnt types of lawn contribute to more biodiversity, store rain water and cool down the square on hot summer days. Drinking water and the long water table are important summer attractions.

tilia design and technical planning, aesthetic supervision of construction works
cooperation DI Kraner ZT GmbH
time 2021-2022
client City of Vienna, Department Architecture and Urban Design
construction STRABAG AG, Steinbauer Garten- und Landschaftsgestaltung