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Visions for the city of the future - livable und climate-just - have to be based on the ideas of all genders. A new distribution of urban space is on the agenda, a new perspective on the practice of urban planning, on residential building, on mobility and public space. The booklet presents selected examples of good-practice in the Austrian cities Graz and Vienna.

From 2019 to 2021 the City of Graz organized a series of events focussing on gender justice in architecture and planning. (see Stadt_der_Frauen.html). The booklet has been published in this context and is available at the City of Graz as print product and as download: Broschüre_Stadt der Frauen.pdf.

tilia Idea and script of the booklet
time 2020-2021
client City of Graz, Referat Frauen und Gleichstellung