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The ground floor will offer space for shops, a café, a doctor’s surgery or communal rooms. Apartments for young families, elderly or disabled people will be situated on the first and second floor of the residential buildings.

Events as well as everyday communication can take place in the public space of the new centre of Michelhausen. The concept proposes a sequence of squares, leading from the town hall to the church and offering attractive space for markets, open air events or festivities. In addition, calm areas for relaxation are located in the parish garden which is open to the public.

Active citizens are the cornerstone of a lively centre – integration of local population and associations is an important factor in the process of change towards a new centre for Michelhausen.

tilia concept for open space
cooperation im-plan-tat Raumplanung
SUPERBLOCK Architektur
time 2018
client Municipality of Michelhausen